Working toward the conservation of
​       our wildlife and natural resources 

© John A. DiGiorgio, Photographer

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Wildlife and environmental conservation and preservation are challenges that touch all of us.

The Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance is committed to working with individuals, organizations and communities on wildlife and environmental programs, projects and events. Our focus is education through entertainment.  

For our programs and events, this is accomplished by providing enhanced programs with new speakers and presentations and providing all attending, young and old, opportunities to see and experience new and interesting programs.

​For our project work, we work closely with biologists, wildlife/conservation organizations and not-for-profits to document ecological and wildlife research on rare, sensitive and endangered wildlife and environmental issues, using photography and producing short "in-the-field" research documentaries.

Do you have a project?  Would you like to discuss having a program for your organization or event in your community?  

Please contact us at

or call 201-841-5158.