The Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance is committed in its efforts to increase awareness and understanding, and to promote the conservation of our wildlife and the natural environment. To meet the continuing and ever changing challenges of protecting our wildlife and the environment, we are expanding our educational events and programs to include, but not be limited to, diverse documentaries, educational programs, lectures, publications and events.

We look forward to hearing from you as we develop our future programs and events!

The Delaware Valley Eagle Alliance

Current Issue of "Nature’s Newsletter"

The winter issue features awesome and compelling articles by or about individuals, organizations and communities who have “taken on” regional and/or global wildlife and environmental issues:

  • the ivory trade to save endangered elephants and rhinos;
  • the power companies to save bald eagles from being electrocuted;
  • creating events and films to expose the hidden world of endangered species and race to protect them against mass extinction;
  • establishing and running a long-term turtle research project;
  • forming collaborations to keep our rivers healthy;
  • establishing a wildlife and environment specific documentary film festival;
  • and much more...

We applaud their efforts, dedication and passion, and hope you are as inspired as we are by their work and successes.

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